Week 1 of Teacher Training: Feels Like Om

Well I’ve finished one week of teacher training. Just finished, actually. And I have so many thoughts running through my head. They’re all positive. Every single one of them.

If you haven’t been through yoga teacher training before, here’s a pretty basic rundown of what I’ll be doing for the next couple months:

  • Group meetings three times per week
  • Plenty of yoga classes when I’m not in training
  • Relevant reading
  • Writing assignments
  • Journaling about my experiences

To say I’ll be in yoga often is an understatement. I’ll be in yoga all the time. But I knew that when I signed up for TT, and I’m so excited to make yoga such a priority.

So what did week 1 look like? The first meeting starting with some intro stuff, but we jumped right into both practice and philosophy. We talked a lot about what yoga actually is (outside of the dictionary definition, of course), and I got a chance to hear from the rest of my group about why they love yoga and why they’re doing teacher training. The answers are honestly as varied as the people. Some are relatively new to yoga and are only training for their personal development; others have been practicing for along time and actually want to teach; still others are doing it for personal reasons but may want to teach someday, too. What we all have in common is a serious love for yoga and a desire to learn more.

Anyway. When we weren’t talking philosophy we were learning practical stuff. We spent a long time on chaturanga dandasana since it’s such an important pose. We talked about proper alignment and where it builds strength and then practiced it—over and over and over again. My arms are definitely tired today. We also focused on alignment for other basic postures.

And then, to my serious surprise, we started practicing teaching. I didn’t think we’d get there the first week, but I guess it makes sense. What better way to learn yoga than to teach it to someone else? We only paired up and taught one other person, but it definitely gave me a whole new respect for yoga teachers. There’s just so much to know, to remember, to say! It’ll definitely take some practice before I can remember all of that, but I’m just so grateful to be a part of yoga teacher training that I want to do all of the work I know is ahead of me so that I get as much out of this as I possibly can.

Walking into teacher training, I was super nervous about my place in the group. After only one week together, I know I made the right choice to train the minute I decided I was ready, regardless of my actual physical skill. I’m ready to learn, I have an open heart, and I feel like I’ve added a new family to my life. I feel like I’m home.

Have you been through yoga teacher training? What did you think? If you haven’t done it, are you thinking about it?


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