On to Teacher Training

While still in Indiana, I practiced yoga almost every day as I prepared to leave teaching and move to Denver with my other half and our dog. My stress was, somehow, more manageable. The minute students left, I started counting down the minutes until I could be back on my mat again. I’d find soothing music, roll out my mat, and follow flows from ebooks or sometimes I’d just make up my own. They probably weren’t pretty, but they were mine. Also, no one else was watching so it was easy to be messy. It was so easy to get lost in practice, and yoga quickly became a focal point of my life. When I wasn’t practicing, I was reading about yoga or looking at studios in Denver until I found one that fit what I wanted.

It was around the time that I found the studio I thought would work for me that I also started to toy with the idea of eventually going into teacher training. I love helping people learn, even if it isn’t in the traditional classroom setting, so I figured combining my newfound love of yoga with my love of learning could be a good fit someday. I also assumed teacher training would be a good way to deepen my practice. Kind of on a whim, I filled out an info request form, assuming it’d be forever until anything actually came of it. I was wrong about that one. I heard back from a teacher in the Denver area almost immediately. When I connected with her on the phone, we talked for almost an hour. I started by asking her about teacher training—cost, duration, requirements,etc.—but I ended up also learning about her own journey to yoga. She had experienced quite a lot before she found yoga, and I was truly moved by what her practice and training had done for her. I’m don’t remember exactly what she said anymore, but her willingness to share and her own experiences pushed me to decide to train as soon as I could get into their 200-hour YTT program.

Of course, being married I couldn’t simply sign myself up without first talking to my husband. So I told him about that phone conversation. It only took me rambling on with probably too much emotion talking about it one time for him to recognize my passion and push me to sign myself up for the training starting in October. I asked over and over again if he was sure, he reassured me constantly, and I signed up almost the minute I arrived in Denver. Training starts this week, and while I’ve had second thoughts and worries that I’m still not experienced enough, I’ve pushed away those insecurities. Teacher training is coming, and I’m approaching it with an open mind and an open heart. Yoga’s changed my life already—I can’t wait to see what else it has in store.

At Squaw Pass

Fall at Squaw Pass


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